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The Whole New Enhanced Version X2VGA+ is released!
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"We've been testing and searching for the perfect VGA adapter ever since the Xbox launched, and while we've seen a few that worked, none do the job quite like the X2VGA adaptor."
"With a suitable VGA monitor, your Xbox will display the same resolutions it can on an HDTV."
"Colors, resolution, and details pop...the difference is astonishing."
Score:9.0/10 Official Xbox Magazine (Sept. Issue, 2003 p.18)
"Testing has shown it's perfect for those looking for HDTV-quality visuals..."
XBox Nation (Dec 03/Jan 04 p.64)
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List Price:US$ 84.95   Now Only US$ 64.95!
The X2VGA+ High Definition VGA Pack by Neoya unleashes the full video performance of the Xbox. With the X2VGA+ and a standard VGA monitor, users can play their favorite Xbox games at 480p, 720p, or 1080i resolutions - over double that of standard TV! The X2VGA+ makes Xbox games come alive, delivering the sharpest, most realistic visuals available. The X2VGA+ provides both stereo audio and digital audio output. Furthermore, the exceptional 480i EasyView feature and composite video makes it easy for users to fully enjoy the mind-blowing audio and visual effects of the Xbox.

Comparing with the former X2VGA, the X2VGA+ is compatible with any version of the Xbox and presents you with perfect visual performance by its brand-new design of image processing circuits. In addition, the newly add-in video and audio pass through function allows quick switch between Xbox and PC by one single button.

Delivers crystal clear 480p, 720p, and 1080i Xbox displays on standard VGA monitors.

Provides video and audio pass through function to switch images and sounds at the same time between PC and Xbox by pressing one single button.

Provides exceptional 480i EasyView feature for effortless setup.

Includes stereo audio and digital audio outputs with complete support for the Xbox's Dolby Digital 5.1 surround sound.

Provides composite video output for convenient connecting to a traditional TV display (480i).

Offers complete functionality with a simple cable connection. No need to prepare an additional Xbox high Definition AV Pack or any power adaptor.

Provides advanced signal processing. Works perfectly with any version of the Xbox in accurate color and brightness without error.

Provides VESA standard separate H/V sync. and composite sync. to VGA for enhanced compatibility.

Provides Mode Indicator LED, which show the current display mode (480p, 720p, or 1080i).

X2VGA+ Specifications
Inputs The specific Xbox AV Connector input
VGA In HD-DSub 15pin
Stereo Audio In (3.5mm)
Outputs VGA Out HD-DSub 15pin
Stereo Audio In(3.5mm)
Digital audio(Toslink)
Composite Video
Video Bandwidth Above 180MHz (-3db)
Supported Video Modes 480i*, 480p, 720p, 1080i
Sync. Modes Separate H/V sync.
Composite sync.
Operating Temperature 5 ~ 40 degrees centigrade
Power Consumption below 1W
Dimensions(approximate) 136mm * 53mm * 30mm(without cable)
Weight 165g (6 oz)
Remarks **Most VGA monitors are not capable of displaying 480i mode, but X2VGA+ provides a simplified display of 480i with the exceptional 480i EasyView feature.

**Almost all Xbox games support 480p. There are few games that do not support 480p mode at the present time.

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What are the differences between the X2VGA+ and common VGA TV boxes?
Common VGA boxes, even those with a component input, convert signals on the basis of traditional TV signals (480i). The X2VGA+, however, converts signals in their native form, including 480p, 720p, and even 1080i (HDTV-class), allowing for much higher resolutions than common VGA TV boxes.

Does the X2VGA+ support all Xbox games?
With the exception of the very earliest games that only supported 480i (please refer to ), most existing Xbox games can be displayed in 480p mode on standard VGA monitors with the X2VGA+. Nowadays, 480p mode is basically the standard for Xbox games, and more and more Xbox games will begin to support 720p or 1080i modes. Your system is ready for the future with the X2VGA+!

My VGA monitors model is XXXXXX, could it be used with X2VGA+?
There are too many existing VGA models that we really cannot finish testing them all. However, after testing for nearly one hundred models, we conclude that almost all the CRT monitors can display 480p, 720p and,1080i modes correctly. Among our tests, even a cheap 15 inch CRT monitor bought five years ago can work well. As for LCD monitors, please refer to the next question.

Can X2VGA+ be worked with LCD monitors?
Due to 480p, 720p, and 1080i display modes are not the common working modes for computers; therefore, whether LCD monitors can normally display, really depends on their drive circuits, and if they give supports to these modes. According to our testing results, we conclude that over 90% of LCD monitors can display in 480p mode normally, and the newer or larger LCD monitors have a higher possibility to display in 720p and 1080i modes normally - should be attribute to their better drive circuits. In this couple of years, the normal display possibility for LCDs of or above 17" even mounted as high as 80%.

Does X2VGA+ support 480i? What 480i EasyView functions for?
Most VGA monitors cannot display in 480i mode. However, the Xbox system defaults the booting screen and dashboard to 480i mode and hence is not capable of presenting those screens on VGA monitors. To avoid the toil of connecting Xbox to TV each time you need to adjust the setting. X2VGA+ provides a simplified display of 480i with the exceptional 480i EasyView feature (patent pending). 480i EasyView however doesn't function for complete display. In order to maintain the best display while the game is playing, 480i EasyView can display 480i mode signals on VGA monitors with two limits as following:

1. You can see only a half of the full screen at one time. When you need to see the hidden part, hold the Screen Shift Button on X2VGA+ and the screen will move continually until reaching the part you want.

2. Some screen instability / blurriness in 480i EasyView mode when you start the Xbox system with X2VGA+ is normal. Don't worry, it is harmless to your monitor and will not be there once you start the game in 480p, 720p, or 1080i modes.

Since the 480i Easyview feature has the two limitations above, it is only targeted at providing convenience to a short-term use in setting Xbox on the VGA monitor. DO NOT use 480i EasyView in playing 480i games or DVDs to reduce the risk of serious injury to your eyes.

I have used some similar products so far, but the screens are either too bright like a layer of thin mist or too dark that makes the whole picture on the screen unclear. I just wonder if X2VGA+ have the same problem?
The problem of screen brightness you have mentioned above is caused by incomplete process of image signals. Nonetheless, we have made a lot effort to improve the circuit of image signals on X2VGA+, so it won't happen the same problem. X2VGA+ is made of the best quality equals to several thousand US dollar professional equipments, which you cannot find in other products of the same kind.

Does X2VGA+ support DVD display in the Xbox?
The Xbox console can only display DVD's in 480i mode (480p mode is disabled by Microsoft); therefore, it is not suitable to use X2VGA+ together with Xbox when you want to play DVD's. (We know that some users can play DVD's in 480p mode with X2VGA+ through some modifications on the Xbox console. However, we don't suggest in doing this way.)

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